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Got a Damp Problem? Anti-Damp Australia has been supplying houses in the Sydney area for over 25 years with traditional and chemical damp course, under floor ventilation, and dehumidifiers to prevent problems caused by rising damp (or Salt Damp), condensation, mould, mildew and fungus. 
Musty smells, stuffiness, mustiness, and health problems such as allergies, asthma, respiratory infections, sinus problems can all be linked with the effects of damp. We believe that with proper ventilation many damp situations can be alleviated before they cause major problems. There are several methods of ventilating a building, such as sub floor air vents / fans, and we design the ventilation system to suit the building or home in question.
If you are getting condensation in the house, on the walls, and windows you may need one of our highly efficient dehumidifier units. Dehumidifiers are a great way of removing vast amounts of excess moisture (water vapour) from the air and require no modifications to your home.
Rising Damp can cause very serious structural problems to you property and it needs to be identified and cured as soon as possible. We can help identify rising damp and suggest the best solution to prevent further problems.


Damp And It's Causes

"The basic symptoms of damp, e.g. peeling paint, mould growth etc are largely the same regardless of the cause of the dampness. However, different causes of dampness require different methods of treatment, so it is essential to diagnose the cause of dampness before treatment begins. This is where Anti-Damp can help as they are specialists in the two major causes of damp problems Rising Damp and Condensation. We have been trading for over 25 years and have been featured on both Channel 9 and Channel 7 Television Programs. Our skilled representatives are happy to give free quotes and free advice."

                                 Barry Mack
                                 Owner and General Manager